Fourth-wave feminism – let’s talk about the digital activism

Before we dive right in, let’s acknowledge how important it is that you landed on this page. While reading this article, I want you to make mental notes of things you find interesting or intriguing. You don’t have to agree 100% on everything you read on here (or anywhere!), you are more than welcomed – […]

Leave your internalised male gaze in 2021

“You are a woman with a man inside of you. You are your own voyeur.” Margaret Atwood Laura Mulvey was the one who first used the term ‘male gaze’ in her essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, introducing a sexual relationship between watching and being watched. Briefly, the male gaze describes how men view women […]

The commercialisation of feminism is not really helping

When well-known companies release products with feminism-related images or quotes, they place themselves as advocates of the movement. And this is where hypocrisy enters the picture: countless companies have been accused of profiting from gender equality movements, while simultaneously underpaying their employees, many of whom are young women or girls. It’s ironic that the major […]

Pink Tax – The extra cost of being a female

The ‘Pink Tax’ You may have heard this term before, but a lot of people don’t know what the pink tax is. The pink tax is not a real tax, but rather the fact that women are charged more for certain goods, services and products that are marketed for women, which are more expensive compared […]

”Neoliberal policies gave us weaker solutions” says Andreas Schieder

Member of the European Parliament and Vice-President of the Urban Intergroup, Andreas Schieder talks about the management of COVID-19 mesures taken by the European institutions, the topic of Sustainable Development, as well as diversity and the representation of minorities within Europe. Watch the video interview below: Fiorela Imerai: What I would like to first address […]

Minorities underrepresented in EU politics and media

Table of Contents Addressing the underrepresentation of minorities in the political sphere and in media platforms is crucial in ensuring the legitimate continuance of our democracy. The definition provided by Britannica: Ethnic minorities underrepresented in political institutions EU institutions have long discussed diversity and its values in our contemporary societies. However, when we further examine […]

‟Kosovo’s independence is irreversible” says Bekim Çollaku

Former Chief of Staff to the President of the Republic of Kosovo and Former Minister of European Integration, Bekim Çollaku answers a few questions to Politically Global and discusses the progress, the recent developments and the challenges of the country. • Kosovo recently celebrated its 13th year of independence. What can be highlighted as the […]

Gender wage gap is real

80% – 90% of executive jobs are occupied by men in the UK, France and Germany, as stated in the Economist. Talking about gender wage gap is certainly not overrated, since it exists in different ways in different countries. It is worth examining all the factors that contribute to the enlargement of this issue. Undoubtedly, […]

How Covid-19 is affecting refugee camps in Greece

After almost a year WHO declared a global pandemic, working and studying from home has ineluctably became the norm, where we are left without a choice but to acclimate ourselves in the incipient reality. International organisations and government institutions are endeavoring to stop the spread of the virus, which showed limpidly how unprepared they were […]

Sex Work Advocacy

Sex work is real work I’ve always considered myself a feminist and I have been involved in supporting women in any way I could by addressing issues of injustice, demanding equal treatment and fighting against patriarchal oppression. However, I admit that I viewed sex work as a field that women enter when they had no […]